Hotel Garuda: Fixed On You ft. Violet Days

Hotel Garuda‘s new single “Fixed On You” ft. Violet Days is the song you need to make your day better. As a follow up to their first official release, they have further proven that their slick production is not something to overlook. Recently, they have gained unprecedented success and praise, and with this track we can see why. Their ability to blend their smooth electronica with contrastingly edgy vocals in this song is a skill that not many can pull off with such finesse.

With an introduction so soft, yet uplifting, we are immediately thrown into a transcendent journey. As the song comes alive, the pre-chorus immediately stands out with a playful melody that perfectly leads into the chorus that won’t let you stay still.

“Fixed On You” is the track that will collect the stragglers that haven’t caught on yet. This will be the song that lifts the duo into higher territory and we’re excited to witness it.

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