Mothica – “Hungover” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

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Visceral, blue and silver-haired alt-pop songstress, Mothica releases stunning single and visual companion for “Hungover.” An honest testament to her struggle with drinking and addiction, in her own words:

“When I started writing songs for this album, I knew I wanted to write about my drinking problem in a way that wouldn’t alienate people who don’t have problems with addiction. I personified alcohol, because that’s what it was to me. It was my best friend, lover, confidant, hype man, all wrapped in a seductive bottle marked poison. There were countless hangovers I spent crying in the bathroom, claiming I’d never do it again, and so it felt fitting to start the project out with Hungover, rather than end with it.”

And with that, four reasons why we are feeling Mothica’s “Hungover.”

1. Pablo San Martin’s hard-hitting and bombastic production. We especially love the intricate rhythms and sonics chosen in the chorus, driving home the repeated phrase “You only leave me hungover you.”

2. As aforementioned by Mothica herself, her clever personification of alcohol and the literary device’s development throughout the track, heightening the expression of her sentiment.

3. The unique perspective of her story present in the lyrics and her willingness to share her struggles with world. We were especially taken back by the bridge, “Cause in the morning I don’t wanna be myself / So I tried to drown myself / Maybe it’s a cry for help.”

4. The incredible video in its entirety. Throughout the visual, Mothica confronts herself, unearthing the blurred line between the frightening realities and nightmares induced by addiction. She incorporates luscious images of water, from a vacant beachfront to an aquarium, while delivering a raw, awe-striking performance.

“Hungover” marks the second release off her forthcoming debt album, Blue Hour, due in 2020. But if you can’t wait till the next decade, you’re in luck! RSVP HERE to see Mothica LIVE at the Hi Hat on Wed., 12/11!

Jessica Thomas