Huron John – Apocalypse Wow

A mystical experience occurs when parts of a whole are unified under one. Like the moment each piece of a mathematic formula works in tandem or the feeling of a crush reciprocating the sentiment, we begin to realize the power of symbiosis in all aspects of life.

Such a monumental synergy has taken place with the long-awaited release of Huron John’s debut album Apocalypse Wow. A DIY record written, produced, performed and creatively curated by the 20-year-old artist himself, Apocalypse Wow is only the beginning of a beautiful career for Huron John.

Apocalypse Wow combines seven songs previously released in both Volumes and as singles over the past year, plus the addition of final tracks “Use the Birth For All It’s Worth” and “Motocross.” Culminating in a long form masterpiece, Apocalypse Wow explores coming of age through John’s inquisitive lens. A conceptual album inspired by the thematic storytelling of Kendrick Lamar in To Pimp A Butterfly and Smashing Pumpkins’Machina/The Machines of Gods, we urge you to listen to the album through from start to finish for the full experience.

Apocalypse Wow is an overarching whimsical, fantastical journey, sparking joy in the active and curious listener. Utilizing an impressive array of sonorities, thoughtful lyricism and a perspective unique to him, he tells a story we all possess in one way or another.

Listen to Apocalypse Wow below!

Jessica Thomas