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I.C.E. Redefines Love Songs with Emotional Depth and Catchy Beats in “Like You”

Delivering a refreshing take on the traditional love songs, in “Like You,” I.C.E. achieves a seamless fusion of emotional sincerity and irresistible rhythm. It offers attractive lyrics combined with a fresh melody and in terms of narrative, many listeners will find it identifiable and moving.

Within the song, there is a direct confession of love: “And I like girls like you / And I can’t fight what is true.” This basically sums up the internal conflict and genuine attraction that the artist wants to express.

The video for “Like You” is a world of romance in neon, where lights, music, laughter, parties, and casual outings, attest to a youthful atmosphere of flirtation that we all lived and many of us miss.

The colors and atmosphere immediately set the tone of the song. From singing in a cozy pub to dancing in the streets with friends, each scene in the video shows the contagious energy and charm that I.C.E. brings to his music.

For listeners, especially the younger generations, it will be easy to connect with the lyrics as they present everyday situations of romance, which are very authentic, but light, at the same time.

The juxtaposition of heartfelt confessions and catchy sounds creates an engaging listening experience. The production is fluid and the structure of the song, with its combination of repetitive choruses and descriptive verses, ensures its validity.

It is a song that not only shows the artist’s musical talent but also his ability to connect on an emotional level, which makes him a standout on the musical scene.


Photos by Piper Ferguson