Incan Abraham – In My Bones

Incan Abraham emerges from a hiatus with their new single, “In My Bones”, that sets them up for an album in 2017. Since their debut album, Tolerance (2014), the band had parted ways for a brief time when Giuliano Pizzulo served as a touring keyboardist and guitarist for Passion Pit. Now, ready to move forward, the band has rekindled the spirit that was originally nurtured within their childhood bond.

“In My Bones” is introduced with a driving synth and a grounded beat that pushes us to march on despite all the conflicts we are faced with. Between our uncertainty and our turbulent, restless minds, the song delivers that space in which thought-recollection evolves into a call-to-action. Their new single invokes simple, but effective thought, and it’s evident as it shines with an atmosphere of contemplative lyrics.

The new single lays down a texture that we can’t stop exploring, and because of that, we just can’t stop listening.

Incan Abraham will be live in Los Angeles next week on December 12th for School Night at Bardot! Be sure to take the opportunity and check them out.

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