Jackie Vae – Curtains EP

Smoky rooms, specialty cocktails and sultry jazz singers may feel like a slice of a different era, but for artist Jackie Vae, it’s her past, present and future. Potentially born in the wrong decade, but the right time for the touch of nostalgia we’re all craving, Jackie Vae offers a dose of a simpler time with her debut Curtains EP, premiered today by SILO: RCRDS.

In her own words, “When I wrote these songs I was just starting to believe in myself as an artist so I really wanted them to empower. A lot of my personal feels are in this body of work. It’s dark, swaggy, sarcastic, bouncy, broken-hearted and ends with the title track Curtains in an explosive way I’m super proud of.”

Possessing a unique vocal tone and unparalleled penchant for badassery, Jackie Vae’s work can be described as cathartic, an empowered statement to the power of music. Co-produced by Abraham Dertner and Jerry Yeh, the instrumentals feature bass-heavy percussive synths, saloon-esque keys, and an interruptive brass section, painting a dynamic picture of post-apocalyptic beauty.

Previously, Jackie Vae’s music has been featured in the likes of Gotham and Arrow, providing the perfect accompaniment to storylines filled with vibrant fantasy.

Take a listen to Curtains EP below!

Jessica Thomas