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Jake Lancer brings us to the dance floor with “Baby Is The Moment”

Rising pop meets electronic artist Jake Lancer brings us a new ambitious and riveting single “Baby Is The Moment”. The track is a liberating musical moment for the NYC based rising singer/songwriting. 

“Baby Is The Moment” features a kaleidoscope of sounds complete with bright synths, colliding beats, and a colorful hook to boot. Jake Lancer’s rich vocals sing heartfelt lyrics all about making space for one another to have their special moment. He confides, “Let’s dance because baby YOU are the MOMENT.” 

We were first introduced to Jake Lancer from his sparkling single “Paris” and have since fallen in love with the artist. His music is often a means to help heal and provide an open dialogue to issues important to the LGBTQ+ community. Take a listen to Jake Lancer’s new single “Baby Is The Moment” and add it to your favorite playlist.