JASPER - Beginning

JASPER – Beginning

LA-native producer, JASPER, finally steps into the world with his new song “Beginning”. The track is an introduction to this artist: his musical endeavors and his story. With only 2 short minutes, JASPER tells a beautiful story without a single word and each time I’m shamelessly taken away.

A light and hopeful piano melody paired with manipulated vocals sonically illustrate a yearning for something bigger and sets us in motion. The track unfolds as a journey with an open destination, and while most songs will aim for solid ground for us to land on, “Beginning” serves a greater purpose. With layer upon layer and each part playing a conscientious role, the song cultivates towards bringing a light to the most uncensored, raw version of ourselves by evoking back-and-forth flashbacks between our past innocence and our present realities. “Beginning” soundtracks the embarkment of our journey towards discovery and growth.

I’m ecstatic to finally share this special song, that was birthed by such a special artist, with all of you. Listen to JASPER’s “Beginning” below.

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