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Jay Putty instills confidence and empowerment in “On My Way”

In 2024, adversity, confusion, and arguably and entire overhaul of reality as we know it have become commonplace.

The artist community has especially been affected by the wild times we are in, which is why we find it extra touching when a songwriter and vocalist cuts through the noise and touches the hearts of others who are going through the same.

Jay Putty, who is no stranger to adversity, who met his now-wife after his house burned down, has released his new uplifting, heartfelt and soulful folk-pop track “On My Way” which artfully depicts the twists and turns of his journey, but finds peace in it all, taking one step at a time.

Check out the artful music video for Jay Putty’s “On My Way” HERE:

Jay Putty has a beautiful and timeless storytelling ability, and this track adorned with ukulele, guitar, and his silky powerful vocals remind me of better days.

“On My Way” almost has a nostalgic 2010s jam vibe, but it’s so fresh and uplifting, giving us all hope for a better tomorrow.

Jay Putty’s new release can be heard as a sync placement on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, adding to his impressive list of accomplishments.

Jay’s recent releases have been streaming in the hundreds of thousands, and the music has found a home with renowned brands like Ralph Lauren, Busch Gardens, and Draftkings.

Having found a new home himself in Nashville, the songwriter and dedicated movie-goer, hails from a small town in Indiana. After picking up a guitar due to sports injuries, Jay Putty has built a loyal following by developing uniquely genuine relationships with his fans.

An engaging optimist and empathetic soul, Putty’s transparently vulnerable songs share experiences of love and self-reflection.