Jenna Lotti is Skating on Saturn’s Rings

Like many singers and songwriters, Jenna Lotti got her start with poetry during her teenage years. When nobody seemed to understand, or when it seemed there was nobody to talk to, Jenna poured her emotions and ideas out on paper, this became a proficiency in creating songs that can be incredibly vulnerable and frank, like a relatable and infectious openness that allows audiences to become just as vulnerable in that little moment where the song hits the right emotional note for them.

Originally from Milton MA, Jenna became a Los Angeles resident to pursue her creative endeavors, some of which include a spot on season 2 of NBC’s hit show, Songland, where she pitched her original song to Julia Michaels.

Now, what is success? what is Happiness? Isn’t the pursuit of happiness often in and of itself an extremely fulfilling and at times exciting state to find yourself in? All of these questions are kind of what Shapes Jenna Lotti’s latest song, a reflection of internal conflict, doubt, and anxieties that I think are quite universal.

In a now famous 1942 essay, Existentialist/Absurdist philosopher and author, Albert Camus, wrote “The struggle itself … is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy”. This is of course in reference to King Sisyphus of Greek Myth, who was punished by Zeus to roll a boulder up a mountain only for it to roll back down near the very top, for all eternity.

But Jenna’s anxiety isn’t just about what it would feel like to achieve everything she could ever want, but if getting there doesn’t result in any sort of satisfaction or happiness? “As an artist and creative, I’m constantly thinking about what’s next and never really stop to enjoy the small victories.” Jenna Writes “I tend to have a “destination happiness” mindset when it comes to my career. Meaning that I never feel content with where I’m at.” The song then almost challenges the Idea of reaching any sort of pinnacle in the first place. Is it worth it? Is it what it’s really all about?

Paradoxically -or perhaps poetically- this excellent new release might just be putting Jenna one step closer to that anxious dream of hers, or perhaps it is simply one more chapter in the ongoing adventure of her career.

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