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Jesse Jo Stark’s “Fallout”: A Sonic Shelter From Heartbreak

Jesse Jo Stark’s return to WFNM has been highly anticipated, and it brings great joy to the team. Having been on her first international tour as headliner, she is now back home in Los Angeles to conclude it with what promises to be another memorable performance at the prestigious El Rey Theatre this Sunday, October 15th.

Both to celebrate and immortalize this very special moment in her career, Stark is putting out an awesome new single that is sure to be an awesome consolation prize for those who couldn’t catch her live during this tour. Titled “Fallout”, the new single promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans to immerse themselves in her unique sound and further appreciate what her artistic journey has been like so far.

“Fallout” is a poignant and lovely portrayal of the loneliness that follows a broken heart. Through hushed vocals and a simple acoustic accompaniment, Stark showcases both vulnerability and strength. The lyrics are introspective and speak to the common experience of heartache.

“Fallout” delves into darkness and heartache, embodying the spirit of a true-gloom rock and roller. Stark declares her existence in a personal hell, craving truth while dreading it. The haunting echoes of her past lover’s voice linger, a ghostly reminder that taunts her soul. Rejecting commitment symbols, Stark urges against a ring, fearing the desolation of being alone. Despair clouds loom, casting a shadow on her heart as she navigates life without them.

Yet amidst the turmoil, solace is found in the beauty of their words. Stark is drawn to their spoken thoughts, recognizing their allure and power. It is within these declarations that she finds solace and devastation, a “Fallout” that leaves her longing for a connection that may never be reclaimed.

Jesse Jo Stark, a Los Angeles-based artist, draws inspiration from the darker side of pop culture’s underground. Her fascination with icons such as Elvira, The Cramps, and late 80’s horror movies is reflected in the atmosphere she creates through her music. 

Stark effortlessly bridges the gap between the deeply personal and universally relatable. As she prepares to grace the stage at the iconic El Rey Theater this Sunday, fans can anticipate an electrifying and emotionally charged performance from the “Deadly Doll” herself, one that will solidify her position as a true visionary in the music industry. 

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Photography by Ashley Olah