JHart – Temporary

With every downward swing of the pendulum comes an upward swing. Each high has its low, and really this too shall pass. Thus the positive mantras go, we all know them and we’ve all experienced the inherent peaks and valleys of the human condition.

This truth finds itself at the core of JHart’s newest release, fittingly titled “Temporary.” The third single off this established writer but budding artist’s debut EP titled, Vol. 1 – Songs From Therapy. Inspired by the live taping of his therapy sessions of which were immensely influential in his decision to embark on his artist career, “Temporary” is catharsis in its best form, both recognizing that pain is present but so is hope.

An anthemic, dance-across-the-field-singing-your-heart-out Maria von Trapp style kind of track, “Temporary” chronicles heartbreak with an optimistic twist. Beginning softly with shimmering textures via a gentle synth chord progression, JHart’s euphonious vocals enter, reminiscing on the moment “the world turned from color into black and white,” from a final and unexpected goodbye.

Thirty seconds in the production explodes, with a heavy, driving beat, tight backing harmonies and a healthy dose of reverb, the various sonic layers interlace and play with each other, building to the finale of the track. With a cinematic introduction of strings that crescendo tirelessly, growing and growing until all at once the production goes quiet and we are left once again with JHart’s voice and an unfinished thought, one that he leaves you the listener to complete.

Jessica Thomas