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JMSEY – Sunny Days (Music Video)

Top ramen and music on rainy days; alt pop artist JMSEY has captured our hearts, and his new single “Sunny Days” is sure to capture ears across the globe. A call to better days, the new single provides a thirst for nostalgia that could only be bred out of quarantine. One sixth of the beloved Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers (as seen on NPR’s Tiny Desk, in Billboard & Rolling Stone), JMSEY’s quirky talents shine bright even in his solo moments and “Sunny Days” does not disappoint.

Having moved to Los Angeles a month before COVID hit the US, JMSEY was living his best life, supporting other musicians at shows, kicking back on late nights with friends and everything you’d hope to take advantage of when moving your life to the city of angels. But quickly, everything came crashing down. As life seemed to be getting more and more intense due to COVID, JMSEY started to hone in on his musical talents and chose to tell his story during an era we are sure to never forget.

Arranged and tracked by JMSEY himself, “Sunny Days” displays dynamic vocal delivery over surf rock guitar strums; a perfect fit as we approach the summer months. The laid back chorus paints images of less stressful times when it was safe to hang out with friends until the sun came up. Growing up in England, the props he chose to include in the lyrics are very distinct to the area where he lived as a child.

Lyrically nostalgic but melodically modern, “Sunny Days” is a good vibe from beginning to end. COVID affected everyone in some way and artists like JMSEY are making a timeless mark on history by describing their experience through unforgettable music. And this is just the warm up for JMSEY; he has plans to release new singles back to back this summer, further establishing his presence as a killer solo act, clearly able to stand on his own two feet.