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Jules Paymer and Miki Ratsula release “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted”

Jules Paymer has just shared a new single featuring their friend and musical collaborator Miki Ratsula. Called “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted”, the song is an important indie pop track. 

“The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” profiles the feelings of not being who your family wants you to be. Disappointment and expectations can be tough emotions to deal with, especially as a child or teenager and with “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted”, that narrative is packaged in a beautifully written soulful alt pop song. With their new single Jules Paymer and Miki Rasula have succeeded in giving a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Jules Paymer is one of the most exciting songwriting voices to come out of Southern California in quite some time. The emotive artist has caught the attention from artists including Hayley Williams, Fletcher, Royal and the Serpent and more. “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” is the latest off of their highly anticipated upcoming five song EP coming out later this summer.