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Julien Marchal’s Ethereal Return: Exploring “Insight LIII”

French composer and pianist Julien Marchal is a very talented musician whose music goes beyond boundaries. Julien, founder and director of Whales Records, is an example of an artist who worked very hard and carved out his own niche in the musical scene while inspiring people all around the world with his fantastic piano pieces. 

Julien Marchal has released four albums and two EPs, his powerful and emotional piano tracks that mix both classical sensibilities and modern flair to the area have been his proudest moment. It was his music that was participating in such great TV series as “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Ray Donovan,” and “The Blacklist,” to name a few, which has served as a benchmark of the wide acceptance of his music. 

The solo piano sphere, “Insight LIII,” sets Julien Marchal as its main figure once again and brings a novelty, after the previously released “Eclipses” album with Lissom, his ensemble. Julien breathed in fresh air into the single, thus the Insight series became vivid to him with its melodies and no less inspiration. 

With “Insight LIII,” Julien Marchal is taking sound-faring listeners on a trip that breaks all barriers, inviting them to sink into the metaphysical plane formed by his solo piano performance. As the gentle music like phosphorescent waves spread over the whole soundscape, the feelings of the listeners are those of plunging into a sea of emotions, each chord serene in its own manner but presenting the unescapable depth and reflections. 

In his illustrious musical journey, the music serves as a single with its latest part of the story, this fabulous solo reaffirms Julien Marchal, the visionary artist who knows no borders of creativity.