[Premiere] Keith Cullen – Fire and Fever (Video and Remix)

There’s a reason the imagery of the Phoenix rising from the ashes is so universally appreciated. We’ve all been through traumas and challenges, and there is very little comparable to the feeling of overcoming a hardship and knowing that a greater strength is within us.

For better or for worse, Keith Cullen is a prime example of maneuvering those hardships and pushing forward as an artist. ‘Fire and Fever’, his latest and arguably sexiest groove showcases a journey that signifies someone easing into their comfort zone in the face of a timeline of adversity.

A proud cancer survivor as well as a tireless worker in adjacent industry endeavors that often sidelined his own passion project, Keith has taken the details of his story that might find one defeated and turned them into an empowered, reflective and confident platform for expression. ‘Fire and Fever’ slinks effortlessly through a slowed-down disco rhythm (a credit to the genre-bending genius of producers Devin Kennedy,Connor Musarra and co writer JJ Daly and focuses in on Cullen’s passion for more.

The accompanying visuals (an impressive first-time creative direction from Cullen) do no less, a stylish and sleek montage of the man in red, a nod to fashion visuals and 70’s peep-show psychedelia.

Mooke Da God, an LA based rapper opens the remixed release, adding an element of his trademark clever lyricism that pulls the undeniably head-bopping track together even more so. ‘Fire and Fever’ is available everywhere now, and we are so happy to be a part of its release.

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