After taking time to write and produce with such majors as Justin Bieber and Beyonce, King Henry has released a new single “Gold Dust” off of his forthcoming EP, ‘Don’t Shy Away.’

This classically trained guitarist starts his track with a beautiful riff that dramatically transitions into an upbeat electro-pop song with a dynamic tempo that gets the body moving. The synth beats feel highly ethereal and at times even mimic the sound of raindrops on a car roof, while Henry’s catchy guitar parts fade in and out to bring us back to earth. This combination of live instrumentation to electronic production is spot on.

King Henry partnered with Semma, a singer/songwriter from London, to write the vocals. She has a seamless transition from chest to a sky high head voice that compliments the darker feel of the beat.

I look forward to the release of “Don’t Shy Away” if ‘Gold Dust’ is any indication of what is to come. Check it out on Soundcloud and below!

Morgan Young