Alternative-soul artist KiNG MALA (Areli Castro) releases six-track EP GEMiNi. This is the sweet and sass of Castro’s personality, as she says, “the whole EP is just 2 sides of the same coin playing out over and over again, 2 versions of the same character.”  The LA based bad bitch is relatable, characterful and exquisitely honest. The narration of GEMiNi describes living authentically, letting go of fear, introspection and living your best and most true life.

“If I Try To Find You” is full of gritty guitar riffs, sprightly restrained organ sounds and glassy melodies. Her vocals are haunting and intimate, flowing into higher pitches in the chorus – mighty and powerful, full of charm and mystery. The contrast of energy in “Homebody” is phenomenally smooth. It displays the two sides of her personality, while still knitting into each other seamlessly. “Homebody” is vibrant, fun, and comforting. It also feels good with a devilishly catchy chorus.

The EP has so much diversity. Each track oozes with individuality – there are moments of intimacy, wittiness, vulnerability, confidence, both gentleness and power, it really is a force to be reckoned with. There are pockets of the EP that are utterly emotional and some parts that are so charming you can’t help but smile. Well worth diving deep into the glittery pool of KiNG MALA.

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