KOPS – “Loved One”

Oskar Kops Kronback, better known as KOPS, is taking us full circle with “bring-you-back-to-church,” heartbreak bop “Loved One.” Having made his start in music as a choirboy, departing in his teens to DJhood while furthering his experimentation with pop and electronic soundscapes, KOPS as a songwriter is both refreshingly forward thinking and lightheartedly nostalgic.

“Loved One” encompasses the many aspects of KOPS’ artistry which undoubtedly draws fans to his work. First and foremost, let’s chat about this voice of an angel. Alright, we know who got all the solos in choir back in the day (showoff) but for good reason, a tone like that of KOPS is both rare and stupid addicting to the ear. Perfectly placed and relaxed, yet intriguing– feel free to cut the production and “Loved One” is still a worthy track. But don’t actually cut the production because it’s pretty rad, to say the least. Incorporating quirky sounds including glistening synths and a series of popping, slapping, & bumping electronic beats, you think you know wassup until … wait for it … a full horn and choir section?!

All I have to say is thank you KOPS, we commend you.

Jessica Thomas