LeyeT – Notice You

In the debut single, “Notice You,” off her upcoming sophomore EP, LeyeT (pronounced “light”) gives a love song for female friendship. Inspired by one of her best friends (who also stars in the accompanying video), LeyeT explained that “The song is about giving someone recognition; letting them know that they are seen, noticed and appreciated.” In the video, she and her muse Laice, are seen cavorting around LA in a way that is reminiscent of a more poignant “Clueless.”

In the lyrics “I was sick of empty conversation// Cause I only heard of fake communication,” she describes the joy of finding real friendship in a city where many friendships are superficial or for convenience.

“Notice You” is the perfect summer jam; upbeat, catchy and simple without being simplistic. She sings with a richness to her voice, especially evident in the lower registers, that helps effortlessly meld the pop and dance/electronica influences in her work. If you want to feel better about LA, and life in general, be sure to check out the track on Spotify and Apple Music and the video on YouTube now.

Kate Bent