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Light Yourself Up With Nico Turner’s New Single “Lighter”

Nico Turner has been performing music for more than a decade. She first gained recognition in the underground scene with her band VOICEs, which contributed to the rise of experimental music in Los Angeles. With Nico’s solo debut, Forever, she stepped into the world of singing-songwriting, producing the atmospheric, mercurial soundscapes her distinctive style calls for, centered around a spectral voice that puts her on par with Feist, Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, and Phoebe Bridgers in terms of voice. In its gentleness, the sound is also merciless, somber, and auspicious. In a surprising and intense way, Forever is the work of a truly extraordinary artist.

Now let’s lighten things up. Taking her work in a fresh direction, Nico conveys an almost surreal experience with her new single, Lighter. With smooth, soulful vocals and gentle, dreamy production, Lighter is a song that will transport listeners to a peaceful place. The track is an example of Nico’s ability to create a unique soundscape that feels both captivating and soothing. Nico’s songwriting has always been centered around emotion and creative expression, but this new single is an especially unique exploration of sound. 

Lighter is built on layered melodies, delicate harmonies, and a hypnotic rhythm, creating a dreamy atmosphere that will draw you in and keep you listening. Reminiscent of artists like Björk and Grimes, she creates a sonic landscape out of this world. 

Her lyrics will reach a part of yourself you didn’t even know existed. The song is an invitation to explore the unknown, take a leap of faith, and embrace what lies ahead. It’s a reminder to keep the fire burning within us alive. Her music paints a vivid picture of an alternate reality, a world of possibilities, that speaks to our innermost desires and dreams. The song has a dreamy, ethereal quality that makes it seem as if anything is possible if we just take that leap and believe in ourselves. It’s a call to action to stay true to ourselves and never give up on our passions.

“LIGHTER is the sound your heart makes while moving through a relationship that’s wrong for all the right reasons. It’s the sudden wave of breaking that hits when you realize the connection you once had with someone is severed. It’s the slow but surprising build of a reckoning. It’s longing for a lover you already have and simultaneously accepting that the differences between you are vast and maybe even have a purpose. This song is all at once energetic and somber. The atmospheric tone LIGHTER takes is grounded in incredible drum beats and a steady subdued bassline. It sounds like waking up in the morning after all the things you tell yourself to get through. LIGHTER is a call to listen to one’s inner voice over the noise of two people trying to maintain a supposed feeling of love for each other. LIGHTER makes it ok to leave well enough alone with one’s self-respect intact.”

Lighter is now available on pretty much every single streaming platform under the sun. Pick it up wherever you like and just listen away. Until next time!