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Lipstereo’s “Little Spaceships” Reflects on Lost Friendships Through a Garage-Rock Lens

Lipstereo is a Melbourne-based four piece rock outfit that draws inspiration from their shared love of music they grew up with. Their latest single “Little Spaceships” notes on the hardships of growing up and how people drift in and out of our lives at a moment’s notice. 

“Little Spaceships” features a mesmerizing and choppy guitar riff that perfectly aligns with Sam Stranges’ ebb and flow vocals. The single uses down-to-earth and natural clarity in production that pays homage to the garage-rock greats with grounded percussion and genuine vocals. The song is all about people drifting apart. Lipstereo comes to recognize that sometimes circumstance pushes people away, but they can’t help but feel like they’ve been left behind. Stranges’ sings “I’m ignored or I’m not recognized.” “Little Spaceships” is a coming of age turning point for Lipstereo that keeps it brutally blunt as they admit they’re getting older. 

“Little Spaceships” is a new release off Lipstereo’s EP Modern Mythology. The single was produced by Mark Opitz (INXS, AC/DC, The Angels). “Little Spaceships” is representative of Lipstereo’s passion for garage-rock and spirited performances.