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Lisa Remar shares hyper pop banger “WOKE UP EARLY”

Lisa Remar is a NYC born and bred songwriter who is known for her lush vocals full of depth and melancholic-tinged songwriting. Her latest single is the effervescent new track “WOKE UP EARLY” which marks the first release from this rising alt pop meets R&B artist.

“WOKE UP EARLY” is a hopeful narrative all about letting love in after a period of isolation. Self reflection can be a wonderful thing and with “WOKE UP EARLY”, Lisa Remar explores the time after the healing when one is ready to have fun with others in the world again. Featuring her signature soulful vocals, laced with a rich and honeyed tone, the single also features a slight departure for the artist with her going into the hyper pop genre. Chaotically fun beats and candy-coated synths are also highlights of this enthralling track.

Lisa Remar is a Japanese/American singer-songwriter and producer. The artist debuted in 2020 with her intoxicating standout single “Halfway to Nowhere”. Since then, she has shared a handful of singles and a couple of EPs to much critical acclaim. “WOKE UP EARLY” is a welcome addition to the artist’s amazing catalog.