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Liv Miraldi’s “Teeth” is an emotive alt pop song

Ohio native Liv Miraldi is one of the most exciting songwriters of our generation. Her ability to weave important narratives in a poetic and candid way is truly unparalleled. Her latest single “Teeth” is no exception.

“Teeth” is a truly personal song all about her own battle with depression. Many of us have gone through very tough times and mentally we have suffered and Liv captures this in her new track. “Teeth” also highlights an important theme of just because someone seems ok on the outside does not mean they are emotionally. Her songwriting is on full display and her vocals are emotionally charged. Wistful guitars and shimmery synths add to the evocative release.

Liv Miraldi has collaborated with the likes of Tinashe, Mod Sun, Lauren Spencer Smith, Natalie Jane, Johnny Orlando, Charlotte Sands, GAYLE,  Arden Jones, VINCINT, and more. Her own music has received critical acclaim and the artist continues to attract a fervent fanbase.