Lizzy Land: Beat Goes On

Lizzy Land touches down with the volume up

Beat Goes On is the banger on in the cab to the airport, where you buy a ticket to the tropics. The cab’s a convertible and you’re back seat with your buddy, who becomes a bit more when the beat goes on to the early hours. The ascent is smooth and they’re serving coconut cocktails on the plane. 

The steel drums on this track may even be enough to whisk you away without hitting LAX. Lizzy is apparently inviting us to stay on land, turn inwards and celebrate ourselves.

 ‘Vaycay’ or not, it makes me want to find my own orange sunnies and dance like there’s no one watching (though there likely is – I have big windows). 3mins 39 go quickly and you may feel (like me) like staying in your special place a bit longer. I say go on. ‘Dance to your song once in a while’!

Conor Fitzpatrick
Electropop artist from Northern Ireland, based in Berlin.
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