Lizzy Land – ‘intro music plays’

An independent through and through, Lizzy Land has prepared her artistic introduction on her own terms and with great precision. We can’t think of a more grandiose inauguration than her epic electro-pop debut, appropriately titled intro music plays (June 14).

A hodgepodge of glistening textures and vivid emotions, Land’s sound is both otherworldly yet covers deeply humanistic experiences. Kicking off with re-introduction of 2016 debut single “Sweet Melodies,” Land ushers us into a some sort of uncharted celestial plane with an ascending, playful synth line.

Straight into “Messed Up,” an honest testament to those moments where the world (and you) feels like it’s falling apart, when “hindsight feels so far away.” Third track, “Call Me” chronicles a common tale of love burdened by distance. As Land repeats “Call me” throughout the post-chorus, the production builds and surrounds you— a plea laden with loss but resounding in love.

My personal favorite, electronic banger “Losing My Mind” juxtaposes emotional strife with dance-worthy melodies and popping rhythms. Leaving one reveling in their inherent messiness and grooving through the pain. The cosmic swells of “Braids” combined with the passionate vocal power housed in final track, “Bad Things” leaves the listener feeling as if they understand Lizzy Land and possibly themselves just a bit better.

Jessica Thomas