Lord Have Mercy: Mercy Collazo Delivers On Debut Single

Picture this: Quentin Tarantino is developing a soundtrack for his newest film, and he looks to Amy Winehouse, The Gorillaz and Radiohead to man the promotional single. That’s where you find Mercy Collazo on her newest track. Produced by Meter Mobb, the equally vintage and spooky trot finds us in the dark deserts of Nevada with the growing  taste of blood in our mouth. A song about turning the corner when it feels more uncomfortable than playful,  we follow a track that beckons a full convertible montage under a sky full of lightning. Mercy delivers her signature vocals in a tongue-in-cheek delivery that brings both mystique as well as deep sadness; a trademark that leans into the intelligence of her talents paired with the complexities of Meter Mobb’s most layered tracking to date. This is the first track off of the collaborative efforts album, “Viente Viente!” – and if this is any teaser of what’s to come, we are grabbing our sabers, hopping into the car heading to Mulholland and ready for some supreme and elegant trouble.

Grant Owens

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