Loud Forest bring us to paradise in Costa Rica remix

Husband and wife team and indie pop duo Loud Forest are known for their infectious songwriting and heartfelt lyrics. The two reminisce on their first meeting in “Costa Rica”, a song about young love and magical circumstances. As teenagers, Bernard and Rachel Chadwick both California natives, met in Costa Rica. Their love blossomed and the result is not only a long standing marriage but also a unique musical pairing.

“Costa Rica” the remix came about when the entire band was in the studio playing live and improvising. They confide, “We were playing and recording live in the studio and came up with this version of the song Costa Rica. Once things shut down, we couldn’t gather anymore so we had to finish the album in quarantine, our producer had another idea of how to finish this song and we abandoned the live stuff. We love the album version of the song, but as the year has past, we long for human interaction and love hearing the sound of people playing together in the same room. This version is a celebration of a moment, a celebration of togetherness.”

Featuring dynamic electro pop stylings, hard hitting drums and funky bass, “Costa Rica” is the ultimate summer jam.

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