Loud Forest shares “I Don’t Want To Go Home”

Married duo Rachel and Bernard Chadwick are a magnetic musical force known a Loud Forest. Their lates single is called “I Don’t Want To Go Home” and tells the autobiographical story of Bernard Chadwick’s teenage years finding solace in friends and activities outside of home to where he felt he didn’t belong. Confiding, “the song is a confrontation of two emotions; one can be heard in the verses – it’s anger, anger for feeling trapped, controlled and hurt. The other emotion is a sparkling exuberance that can be heard on the choruses. There is a release and excitement that comes in finding your youthful identity with friends and freedom.” With guitar lead energetic swirling soundscapes, layered vocals and a climatic chorus full of fervor and intensity, “I Don’t Want To Go Home” is a hopeful expression of finding one’s place in the world.

Loud Forest creates music in their artistic space in Pasadena, California. The duo often write about personal experiences with family, love and commitment. “I Don’t Want To Go Home” is the first single off of their upcoming fourth album Family Tree.

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