[PREMIERE] Love You Later – PCH Rollercoaster

Just when we thought 2020 has crossed the point of no return, we are then blessed with a feel-good song via fast rising dream-pop solo act Love You Later entitled, “PCH Rollercoaster”. This dreamy anthem celebrates the blissful and comforting feeling of summer.

Featuring refreshing, androgynous, pop vocals courtesy of Lexi Aviles, a fast rising solo artist under the moniker Love You Later, this is a song and act you don’t want to overlook.

Although Love You Later is currently based in Nashville, she is a Southern California-native at heart (heyyy friend!). Living thousands of miles away from comfort, it’s easy to yearn for times before quarantining was normalcy and reminisce on the beautiful scenic Pacific Coast Highway drive on the west coast — even with its notorious traffic.

This track makes you feel like you’re in a movie. As an ode to Los Angeles, and you really do feel like you’re driving along the beach in California, a view I think us Angelenos really miss during this time.

Perfectly adorned with 80s/retro synth keys and ear candy, this song will be bouncing around in your head for days. I too am “in love with the Pacific Ocean”, this song is a perfect tribute to life in California in the summertime.

Here’s what Love You Later had to say about her new anthemic bop:

“Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway gives me that safe, free, euphoric feeling no matter the day of the week – somewhere I drive happily alone, windows rolled down, and no destination.”

Love You Later

Love You Later has been featured on Spotify’s Viral Top 50, made her SXSW debut in 2018 and returned in 2019, as well as supported renowned acts such as OneRepublic, Vista Kicks, and more across the U.S. With the release of her sophomore EP, Heaven Is Without You.

So excited to discover this rising up and coming artist, and can’t wait to hear what she releases next!

Chandler Juliet