Luci – Ashes (Stripped)

Luci has made a strong debut with their new song “Ashes (Stripped)”. When I first saw this trio live I was floored by their perfect harmonies and overall dynamic. I was nervously curious if the etherealness of their live set would translate with fidelity to their recordings & “Ashes (Stripped)” proves I had nothing to worry about. A soft acoustic guitar strums along as a solo voice constructs the story. One voice becomes two; two become three as their harmonies stack patiently, effortlessly, and gorgeously. This song gets under your skin like a classic folk song should and my stomach was already in knots by the time the whistles & vocal layers washed over me. The peak of this song is a rising stack of harmonies that are incredible in their precision and lushness. Luci is opening for Pat Benatar tomorrow & that audience is truly in for a treat. “Ashes (Stripped)” is a stellar debut for a trio that has masterfully honed their craft & sound.

Photo by: Nicol Biesek

In their words:
We had just seen our close friend go through a traumatic breakup, and each of us felt all of these triggers going off like it was happening to us. We all had a special connection to them, but we can also relate to falling for the darkness in another person; even when the fire burns you, you’re still drawn to the passion. That’s where the song came from.” -Luci

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.