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Lucy & La Mer shares bright acoustic single “Ice Cream”

Lucy & La Mer is known for her honest lyrics, important advocacy and knack for writing infectious indie pop songs. Her latest single is titled after most everyone’s favorite treat, the best dessert ever, “Ice Cream”.

The single “Ice Cream” is all about a sticky situation where someone is falling hard in a relationship but feels insecurity in the process. The narrative is unfortunately quite a relatable one for many of us who suffer from anxiety. Folky acoustics soothe below Lucy’s inviting vocals that sing endearing lyrics.

Lucy & La Mer is a well known Los Angeles based musician, singer-songwriter and influencer. The artist often draws attention to important themes surrounding the LGBTQ+ community and people with mental health issues. A perfect breezy bop, “Ice Cream” is another true gem in Lucy’s vast musical catalogue.