LunaAura – Crash Dive

I knew from the rhythmic opening and lyrics about masturbation that I was going to like Crash Dive by Luna Aura. The song seductively building with breathless vocals and comes crashing back down again with forceful guitar chords and raspy almost screeching vocals that are like if Heart has a pack a day smoking habit for 20 years.

Crash Dive alternates between sections that are straight You Outta Know Alanis level anger to a more restrained and seductive plea to her lover to “don’t stop.” I really identified with Luna Aura’s unbridled rage because as a woman who has to live in the year of Our Lord, 2019, I too have a ton of things to be angry about.

BRB listening to Crash Dive, drinking an entire bottle of Jack Daniels, and slashing the tires of every man who has ever done me wrong. Who knows? Maybe I’ll steal a police horse, too. All I know is that Luna Aura will be entirely responsible and happy to pay for all damages.

Kate Bent