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LXI Shows Us the Other Side of the Coin in the “Ghost of Me” Acoustic Take

LXI‘s (Alexi Callinicos) music is a reflection of her unique upbringing, where she was surrounded by a combination of tech innovation, poetry, logic, and the cosmos. Her life experiences focused on philanthropy, culture, and education, serve as a catalyst for her songwriting. Callinicos draws inspiration from various books and multimedia, and this is evident in her work ethic. She believes in creating meaningful music and her most recent work is proof of this. Citing Taylor Swift as her most constant influence over the years, LXI connects most deeply with strong female artists in the industry including Olivia Rodrigo and Gracie Abrams. Currently, she is pursuing a Molecular Biology degree with a minor in Neuroscience at UNC-Chapel Hill in order to uncover answers to diseases. In the summer, she focuses on songwriting and singing. As a result of this balance, she is able to develop a more multidimensional perspective on life, which contributes to the complexity of her songwriting.

The acoustic version of “Ghost of Me,” showcases her incredible talent as a musician and songwriter. The original was a heartbreaking pop ballad that showcased her emotional range and songwriting abilities. LXI poured all her emotions into the track, and now with this new take, she’s showing the other side of the coin. The guitar is the star of the show, alongside LXI’s incredible voice. Let’s take a closer look at this new acoustic spin and see how it compares to the original.

The acoustic version of “Ghost of Me” is a stripped-down, raw version of the original. The guitar is the centerpiece of the track, with LXI’s voice soaring over it. The guitar chords are simple yet effective, and they provide a perfect backdrop for her vocals. The acoustic version takes us on a journey, and it feels like she is singing directly to our souls. Her voice is emotive and vulnerable, and it pulls you in from the first note and retains the same lyrics, once again showcasing her unbelievable talent as a songwriter. The lyrics are powerful and fiery. The song is about the pain of losing someone you love and the struggle to move on. LXI’s voice is the perfect medium to convey this emotion, and she does it with ease.

Speaking about the original, “Ghost of Me,” Callinicos was able to create a pop hit. The production of the original is polished and refined. However, if pop is not really your cup of tea this new spin on the song will be right down your alley. It is kind of obvious to mention that both songs feel very different but that’s a good thing, in my opinion. Now we have two amazing songs at our disposal. Comparing the two versions of “Ghost of Me” is an interesting exercise. The acoustic version is raw and emotional, taking a slower and more methodical approach to how to deliver its message, while the original is glazed and more of a pop hit. LXI’s ability to compose meaningful and beautiful music is evident in both versions. Both versions of “Ghost of Me” are powerful in their own right.

LXI is one of the most promising musicians of this year. Her music has this unique quality that is very rarely seen. I’m eager to see what surprises she has in store for us next time! 


Photography by Lily Nelson