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Mae Deline’s Inescapable “Black Hole”

Madeline Spooner, better known as Mae Deline, is an L.A.-based Singer-songwriter and emotional cosmonaut exploring the dauntingly vast beauty of human the human condition.

“Black Hole” is as haunting and pitiless as it is beautiful and delicate – an odd balance that I think most artists don’t find themselves achieving with such ease, and hers is a thorough manifestation from the very first note played on the piano, but I think it’s the first two lines in the song that really seals the deal, “I Want to be the perfect Woman / I Wanna Be Your Perfect Girl” emerge from the cold piano, revealing Mae’s voice to also be a rare balance of tenderness, vulnerability, and a dignified posture, a naturally aristocratic timbre that reminds me of a noble lady looking stern and composed even as tears stream down her face – I fell in love with her sound immediately.

There’s no denying her virtues as a lyricist either. Mae uses astronomical terms to describe anxious attachment in devastating accuracy (and in poetic beauty). “Black Hole” was inspired by a past relationship in which Madeline felt her emotional needs were not being met. “I felt pushed away and kept out, and the pain of that rejection felt so catastrophic. I was ashamed of the magnitude and force of that feeling” She describes.

Ethereal and elegant through and through, Mae continues to describe the pull of her inner wound, threatening to rip apart the very thing she’s trying to protect. This song is almost like a cautionary tale about the gap between one’s emotional needs and the other’s ability to give, where no one is fully to blame, but both can reap the consequences of that fundamental difference.

“Something I want people to take away from the song is that it’s a beautiful and powerful thing to crave love and connection with the force of a Black Hole. We all need human connection and intimacy and when we don’t have our needs met, it can be destructive.”

-Mae Deline

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