Manatee Commune - What We've Got Remix ft. Sol & Flint Eastwood

Manatee Commune: What We’ve Got (Remix) ft. SOL & Flint Eastwood

The summery anthem What We’ve Got” from Manatee Commune featuring Flint Eastwood has gotten an upgrade and it features Seattle-emcee SOL, who was enlisted to give his perspective.

On SOL’s most recent album, “The Headspace Traveler”, he reaches for personal and universal understanding while maintaining complexity in his sound and perspective. Grant Eadie’s inspiration comes from the people he surrounds himself with and his decision to share his creative process: I soon found myself incredibly inspired by the originality of even the smallest interactions with people, and so I pointed my field mic at anyone who had a story, a melody, or a stumbling beat […], all in the hopes of capturing their individuality…”

The beauty in hip-hop is the raw story telling, and because SOL delivers just that on What We’ve Got”, the pairing is refreshing. With a back and forth between the story telling and Eadie’s spacious choruses, it becomes reflective and we’re able to understand the song for ourselves.

Although these two artists are very different in genre, it’s their connection through their outlook on art that brings them together, and it’s no surprise that the collaboration came to be so captivating.

SOL | The Headspace Traveler
Manatee Commune | Manatee Commune

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