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Marian Hill’s “SPINNIN” is sonic bliss

Marian Hill has collaborated with artist Kemba and sax prodigy Steve Davit for an enthralling Jazz-dipped dance pop single. Entitled “SPINNIN” the song is dark, dirty and damn fun, Samantha of the duo explains, “it’s about a kind of attraction that overwhelms and takes you away from your life for a moment or two. It features sax from the incredible Steve Davit, and an expert verse from Kemba – one of our favorite writers who absolutely understood the assignment.”

“SPINNIN” is off of Marian Hill’s upcoming album, one that almost didn’t happen. Jeremy of the duo was struggling with a very intense injury and before the pandemic the two experienced exhaustion from the constant pressure and touring artists deal with. Their love of music and their fans brought them together again to create why can’t we just pretend?, the highly anticipated third full length album that is due out April 13th. Marian Hill’s music entertains and inspires and we can’t wait to hear what is next.