Mark Johns: Bacardi

Mark Johns, a pseudonym for the vocalist hailing from Singapore, released her highly anticipated debut EP “Molino” after serving us three beautiful singles. Born in Canada, but spent her years in Singapore, she was able to turn heads of many, including the producer collective Moving Castle and Skrillex. While being supported by the collective, Mark Johns soon became the newest member of OWSLA, which her debut EP was released under.

“Bacardi”, a stand-out track, is crafted with a slightly husky voice and a suave nu-R&B melody that simply locks you in. Johns’ compelling voice is no joke, but her flow is what highlights that. Her sense of rhythm in her writing is a bit of a tease: a little push in the verse followed by a hard pull in the chorus, and it keeps you coming back for more.

Listen to EP “Molino” below including “Bacardi”:

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