Max Green picks his poison with “Love Addict”

By now, fans would be more than in love with Max’s indie synth/electro-pop sound, which he elevates effortlessly through with the aide of his smooth and R&B-flavored vocals. However, if you’ve never heard him before today, “Love Addict” is sure to sink his hooks into you.

Personally, I sensed that “Love Addict” is  by and large a song about space. Not outer space, just space itself. Allow me to elaborate on this: It starts occupying empty blank space where there’s nothing but Max Green’s voice, his piano, and yourself. You take note of the space between the two of you as he introduces his message, just before the electronic arrangements and drum machine come into the picture, exploding in a harmonious new universe around you.

At first, the song seems like it has a lot of space to fill, but once all the other instrumental tracks join in, things get much busier, with very interesting layers of juxtaposed moods that don’t take the song’s emotional components fully one way or the other. There’s a little bit of bitter regret here, a splash of foolish optimism there, some hints of sweet reminiscing here and there, it’s quite a complete picture of the full spectrum of emotions someone who calls themselves a “Love Addict” would experience.

The theme of space is further explored in the space that lies between two people, whether that is the closeness of romantic intimacy or the vastness of a wrecked relationship in which, paradoxically, lovers are so-far-yet-so-close In the tumultuous interplay of emotions and memories that follow such an event.

An addict to love always keeps it within arms reach, but as with all addictions, there is a negative connotation of unhealthy attachment. Is Max in search of a specific high he gets from love?  are you? These are questions whose answers are best left between the song and the self, as both listener and artist alike confront the double-edged sword of the emotionally intense experiences and conditions of pursuing a romantic bond with someone else. To quote Max himself ” I kept noticing this unhealthy habit in myself of feeling dependent on another to solidify my self worth or mental stability. At other points, I found myself craving romantic attention from situations that didn’t provide it. This song makes some extremely honest points about a very common feeling in today’s post-current-apocalyptic dating world.”

For Max Green. “Love Addict” became his favorite part of his upcoming EP “Take Care”. Which we’ll be able to enjoy come December 4th. The EP is a post-breakup conceptual piece recorded with the collaboration of Australian producer Jim Alxndr, and  the L.A. based mix engineers Nathan Phillips, & Eric Bard.

Grant Owens

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