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Middle Part shares alt rock banger “Get Fixed”

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter and musician Middle Part returns with a gritty, grunge pop rock single “Get Fixed”. The new track is the first single and album opener for his upcoming highly anticipated debut Disruptor.

“Get Fixed” is about the angst and trials and tribulations of growing older. He confides, “This song is about losing the innocence of youth, getting older, and feeling like a f*ck up. There’s a range of emotions within this song: pining for adolescent life, disdain for hometown friends, and the constant push for personal advancement while feeling like one has to put on a facade in order to conform and assimilate.” Those relatable feelings are tangible in Middle Part’s music with thrashy guitar riffs, colliding synths and driving drums. Early 2000s pop rock music and nostalgia are seeped into the release, taking millennials back to their own coming of age story. The result is a catchy and unforgettable alternative track.

Middle Part is singer/songwriter and musician Andy Selkōw. The artist is known for his raw lyrical honesty and authentic emotions. “Get Fixed” is the first taste off of his upcoming album and we can’t wait to hear what is next!

photo credit is PETE SUSKI