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Middle Part shares synth-pop banger “Chinatown” featuring Yuno

Burnout is a serious matter and Brooklyn-based duo Middle Part has just shared their latest single all about wanting to find escape from a hectic existence, one that often can be found in the bustling city. Called “Chinatown” the song discusses just that and features eclectic artist Yuno for an unforgettable musical moment.

“Chinatown” is a punk-powered pop single full of candy-coated synths, driving beats and a bightly elevated chorus contrasting the song’s darker meaning of burnout. Middle Part has successfully created an indie pop anthem full of fervor and relatability. Yuno contributes a verse and layered vocals adding another enthralling dynamic to the song. The single also features an animated music video. The three are transported from a bedroom to deep within the city with flying rats, noodles, and club bathrooms all making an appearance for a hilarious narrative.

Middle Part is one of the most exciting bands to come out of Brooklyn in a long time. Their brave mix of genres and exploration of existential themes in their music commands attention.