Midoca - Everything I Need EP

Midoca: Everything I Need EP

Midoca might be one of the most underrated electronic artists at this moment. With singles like “Tell Me Your Lies”, “Everything I Need”, and “Never Coming Down” (previously featured on WFNM here), I was sure that his EP would be something that I would thoroughly enjoy, but little did I know how much I would be able to appreciate it.

His debut EP opens up with a gritty, haunt-filled vocal that loops the ongoing lyrics “What haunts me the most…”. As an introduction to the story, Midoca’s sinister sound starts to rise as it sets the mood. What I’ve seen from Midoca, is his full understanding of dynamics and that musicianship is showcased in this first song. The song swells steadily, but delivers a surprising future-trap drop that we have yet to hear from his previous singles.

“When I Find You” serves as a bridge between “Tell Me Your Lies (ft. Dark Waves)” and “Everything I Need”. The interlude is a slow ascent of a desperately hopeful lyric and an instrumental that conveys realization; a fitting transition into the anthemic “Everything I Need”, which Midoca delivers with his very own vocals.

“Everything I Need” is one of my favorite songs because of the juxtaposition between the heavy-hearted instrumental and the lyrics that grasp self-love: “No one’s going to save you, you’ve got to save yourself. / I’ve got everything I need, I’ve got everything I need here…” As those words emerge from the opposing, chilling verses, Midoca’s story is realized.

The concluding track is a stunning instrumental introduces us to the light. Although it’s without any vocals, “Ichi Go Ichi E” might be the most heartfelt songs off the EP, which says wonders about the kind of artist and musician Midoca is. The arc of the story is given to us with an ending that has many possibilities, but one thing is for sure: there’s hope. There’s a light, but you just have to go for it.

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