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Mike Sabath drops powerful and cathartic “Life”

Mike Sabath delivers a visceral and transcendent alt rock performance on his latest single “Life” with a powerful music video to pair. Sabath is an artist and producer who has worked with an impressive repertoire of artists including Shawn Mendes, Lizzo, Pharrell Williams, and Camila Cabello to name a few. Stepping into his identity as a fearless solo singer-songwriter, “Life” is a shockingly raw look at the artist’s evolution through suffering and pain.

“Life” will immerse you in an atmosphere of hypnotic percussion, vivacious strokes of synth, and a beehive buzz of rhythmics. Noting on the pitfalls of reality, the music video captures a whole-hearted outpour of energy from Sabath as he gives his everything through frantic interludes. Ending with a bittersweet love letter to life itself, Sabath reads a personal note as he washes his face over the sink. When he emerges above water, he gazes into the mirror with a newly shaved head suggesting a monumental shift in Sabath. “Life” is universal, speaking to the core of our own everyday battles with earth-shaking lyricism and inspiration to overcome. 

Mike Sabath has been involved with music since his childhood. His duet with the one and only Meghan Trainor caught the world’s attention and developed his fervent fanbase. “Life” is his latest release.