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Miranda Joan reminds us to live in the moment with “I’m Good”

Canadian born/bred and now New York based soulful pop singer/songwriter Miranda Joan has just shared her latest musical release. The track named “I’m Good” is a cathartic moment of peace and a meditative offering all about the joy that can be found in life. The song is off of her upcoming highly anticipated album coming out later this year.

Miranda Joan has an uncanny ability to write transformative music blending genres including soul, pop, R&B and even folk and”I’m Good” is no exception. The track is a downtempo single showcasing Miranda’s distinctive Jazz-soaked and soul-laced vocals. The lullaby is used to reassure the artist that she is ok even in times of turmoil. Lyrics touch upon the happiness and pleasureful connections in life, showing that focusing on what you are grateful for helps boost the mood.

An important listen, “I’m Good” should be the next song you add to your very special playlist.