Mmmonika – Swamp Time!

“Swamp Time!” is the latest single from LA based mmmonika and continues their tradition of pairing dark subject matter with upbeat, catchy melodies.  This is the third track out from mmmonika, who all met at a house in the mountains last year and named the band after the owner of the house, Monica.

            Their sound is reminiscent of OK GO and Hot Hot Heat, positive and highly danceable.  “Swamp Time!” is like a 60s pop song, a la The Monkees (RIP Davy Jones) about crippling depression.  The juxtaposition between melancholy lyrics and the vibrant, cheerful melody provides an intelligence and thoughtfulness that many of those great 60s songs lacked.  “I just talked about the way I felt and put it to some bouncy drums.  It came to me in the shower and was done by the time my hair had dried,” Ryan Yoo (vocals) said of writing the song.  The track begins with an 80s- esque keyboard and synth beat before building to a sing songy back and forth of exuberant refrains of “I’m dying!” and “I’m anxious!”  Be sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming single “Very American!”

Kate Bent