MNYS – UNSAD – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Infusing dreamy-pop with sparkles of R&B, MNYS emerges from hibernation with first release of the decade, “UNSAD.” Taking a hiatus in 2017 to spend time behind the board, Nick Cozine (Aka MNYS) has become a frequent face in the Los Angeles songwriters’ circuit, working with artists from Timeflies to Lil Dicky. Fine tuning and developing his sound, technique, and style over the past three years, he is ready to embark on the next chapter of his artistic endeavors.

In the spirit of some release day celebration, we are pumped to share four reasons why we are feeling “UNSAD.”

1. Almost like musical déjà vu, the song induces a special sort of nostalgic feeling. Perhaps it’s the gentle, auto-tuned vocals or the spacey production, but “UNSAD” somehow seamlessly transports the listener to a distinct moment in time, a youthful memory lived before.

2. MNYS’ heartfelt lyricism and intention, especially represented in the chorus as he muses, “Wish I was better at apologies / Or any good at making you unsad
 / I’m sorry that I’m not a better me / And I take it back.”

3. The syncopated rhythms in the second verse, especially around 1:35 when the percussive pattern plays with descending melodic phrase “You told me one day this would all be worth our weight in gold.” *chills*

4. The abundant layers and textures added throughout the track. Beginning simply with MNYS’ vocal accompanied by a softly-plucked counter melody on guitar, and commencing with an array of rhythms, manipulated frequencies and instrumentation; point A to B to Z follows a gripping and dynamic sonic journey.

Jessica Thomas