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MXRTY THE PXRTY says you ought to fall “Head Over Feet”

Uninhibited, suggestive, fun… but also never not classy. This is how you could best take in MXRTY THE PXRTY‘s hot new single “Head over feet”. The Alt-HipHop artist known for his truly innovative fusion sound trailblazes yet again into a bold new frontier of modern sounds with a stunningly unique hit that simply cannot leave you feeling indifferent.

The L.A.-based artist’s unique take on the genre comes from a long-time love affair with classic funk music, as well as an alternative rock background, drumming for bands like NEW LANGUAGE. In this new song, you can appreciate a lot of the love that he has for funk, though the sound remains still hard to pin down with any clear-cut labels. Such is MXRTY’s commitment and drive to push the envelope and experiment with established musical languages to produce the freshest of bops.

“Head Over Feet” couldn’t have been born if not from the machinations of a couple of friends completely intent on making something fun happen. With a bottle of gin and the help of his long-time friend and collaborator Chazei, MXRTY THE PXRTY “micromanaged the process” of creating a song with a vibe that was as infectious and enjoyable as the time the two musicians spent creating it. “we wrote and recorded the song that day in one session. We had a blast creating this song” he says, and I believe him because from the moment you hit that play button you can feel the euphoric energy in MXRTY’s voice as he introduces the track.

“Head over Feet” is a song that’s all about the rush of “a summertime fling “
, and its upbeat, playful and danceable rhythm makes that very clear right out the bat. The track’s unique textures and influences come together from many different directions complementing each other in what is without a doubt a true party anthem that deserves a spot in any DJ’s playlist this summer. Though the way I hear it, catching his full live band performance must be an order of magnitude greater, as the L.A. artist raps, sings and plays the drums to literally melt the stage (and the dancefloor too, I bet) with all the bravado and swagger that his voice implies.