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MYKA shares new single/video for “american kids”

Los Angeles based genre-meshing artist MYKA has returned with a new single “american kids”. The song is paired with a lyric video that includes fun-loving nostalgic video clips of people’s celebratory moments in the decades past. 

“american kids” is a contemplative narrative showing MYKA’s deepest sentiments on the duality of growing up in different places. He confides, “I’ve always felt like I was in two places at once growing up, so it allowed me to see two sides of what being a young kid in America was like. Those two perspectives are where I drew inspiration for this song, the dreamer and the conformist.” Musically, the track features spacey elevated synths, fuzzy deep bass and layered infectious melodies. MYKA blends a variety of genres in his music including indie pop, hip hop and electronic for a decadent and expansive sound. 

MYKA began making his own music and recording at the young age of 13. Taking influence from the likes of Frank Ocean, MGMT and Beach House, MYKA’s own music can’t fit into a box or any label. With more music set to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this groundbreaking new artist.