“Calling came as a pleasant surprise, it’s really quite different than anything we’ve ever written. We had been writing for a while to the point were we got stuck in a bit of a repetitive circle. During this time, HAOO’s visa expired but ended up giving us an opportunity to relocate to Beijing for a couple months, and get re-inspired. There was something so magical about Beijing. It might’ve been something about the city’s vibrate culture, but, when I first heard the track for Calling it was an immediate connection. We we’re both so excited that we wrote the whole song in a matter of 10 minutes. It just came out so easily, and it was so refreshing to write a fun uptempo song! Usually our songs lend themselves to a more melancholy feel, and while creating that type of music can be very therapeutic, I think it gets to a point as a human and as an artist where you can get stuck in your own misery. Calling was our light, almost like a mantra in a sense to stay steadfast and headstrong in whatever you believe in.” – NÉONHÈART

SYNTH POP – 80’s synths as big as the sky, romping arpeggiator lines, and smooth vocals strewn across the top.

“Don’t Hide, We’re Running Tonight”


Jonny Stemp