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NEONHEART have released their confident new single, ‘Prison Break’. The song explores the demons within us that hold us back. Prison break is about breaking the confines on which you put on yourself. The mental cage that we so often wear. The fear of failure; the fear of never being good enough; and even the fear of admitting that we’re afraid to begin with.

Bandmates, Christina & Hao, say this song came from an internal struggle as well as a feeling of frustration from political and societal up turns in the past year, and feeling completely trapped in ones external surroundings. Often times it has to get to a point of complete anger and frustration for us as humans to take action for real change. And it just got to that point for us where we weren’t willing to wait anymore and just had this real urgency for change. Freedom is being stronger than your demons and making the conscious decision everyday to choose love always.

“I don’t wanna wait till the weekend
I don’t wanna wait while you’re sleeping
Break this chained up gate
Make my prison break

I don’t wanna wait for the sunset
Head up straight get my teeth wet
Make these walls shake
Make my prison break”